I Almost Shoplifted

shoplift: to steal things from a shop or store

I was out today and I had a bit of time, so I decided to buy a room fragrance that I’d been thinking of buying.

I went to a store, and I found out that I could get the fragrance as gel in a can or as beads in a bottle. I didn’t know which was better so I went on Google to find out.

It was a bit hard to do because I had a drink in one hand and there were no surfaces where I could leave the can while checking my phone. Eventually, I could do it and I decided to buy the beads.

When I went to the cashier to pay, I looked at my bag to take my wallet, and I saw the can sitting comfortably inside my bag as if it belonged there. 😲

I panicked and quickly pulled it out and gave it to the cashier and said, “これじゃない!” 😂

The cashier also looked surprised that one of their items came out of my bag, but I think she understood that I was having a stupid moment. 😂

If I had succeeded in carrying the fragrance gel out of the shop, it would have been a new thing to add to my list of experiences; but I’m glad it didn’t happen. 😂