A Return (with Homework)!

It has been so long since I have written for this blog that I don’t even remember when it was, but I am back and I will posting every day during the Obon holidays of the cram school. Starting today until August 16, Inari-juku will be closed, so I decided to give my students extra homework because I don’t want them to forget English during the days that they cannot see my lovely, cheerful, young face.



That was a joke, sorry. 😂 😂

I am just happy that I have such a long holiday.

ANYWAY, if you are my student, remember that the listening homework you will find below is not obligatory (義務ではない). Do it if you can and it’s fine if you can’t. It won’t take much time though, so please do it if you have even just five minutes of free time. Enjoooy!


Listening Homework
(you will find the link to the song inside the file and you can type your answers):
Listening Activity (August 6)

(please open only after you do the listening homework):
Answers for Listening Activity (August 6)