On Friday last week, I planned to write a blog post reminding my students not to forget to do their homework during the holidays; but I was busy on Friday night, and during the holidays I was completely on a holiday, meaning I didn’t feel like doing anything related to work at all.

In short, I wasn’t able to do it, so I thought I would give a reminder today instead:

  • First, I would like to remind my students to please remember to bring your diary (or homework notebook) and book to class. 😆

  • Next, and more importantly, I would like to remind all my students to talk when we meet again. Talk a lot. Tell me everything, even when you think it’s not interesting. Tell me what you did since we’ve last seen each other, even when you didn’t do anything fun or different. You can make mistakes, you can use very simple sentences and you can even prepare what you’ll say. It doesn’t matter. I’ll listen. 😁

  • Finally, if you’re my student and you belong to a group class and a classmate decides to share his or her story, please listen. Try to be curious and interested. Ask questions. Remember, you’re attending a conversation class so converse.

That’s it!