Yesterday, around 11,000 people took the last part of the bar exam in the Philippines.

One of them was my sister and the other my best friend.

The bar exam in the Philippines is usually divided into 4 parts that the examinees take on the 4 Sundays of November.

Because of the pandemic, the exam was canceled in 2020 and moved to this month from November last year; and this time the test had only two parts (taken on Friday and yesterday).

I don’t know the results yet, but my sister went through times of tears, headaches and anxiety while she was reviewing for the exam. She even got herself a dog to give her comfort. 😂

I understood her feelings though. From 2010 to 2016, the average passing rate was 27%. The bar exam is definitely not easy to pass!

This month, students in Japan are going to take the entrance exams for university. It’s a different kind of test but also difficult.

Passing is the goal and the most important, of course; but I think, for any student and for my sister and my best friend, just taking and finishing the test is a victory.

It isn’t easy to spend so much time and effort (and blood and sweat and tears 😂) studying. It isn’t easy to stop enjoying life to focus on passing a test. It isn’t easy doing something that was made for only a quarter of people to pass; so whatever the result may be, anyone who will take the entrance exam and gives it their all should be proud. 😊