First Impression

A student, in her diary, asked me what I thought about first impressions. She wrote that as a teacher I get an impression when I first meet new students, which is true, but I usually try not to judge my students based on my first impression of them because I know that some people are shy when they meet someone new for the first time.

In other instances, for example when I’m socializing and I meet new people, I do trust my first impression most of the time because it has been accurate so far. At least when it comes to the type of person I think I’m not going to like or not going to get along with.

In business and politics I think first impressions are very important because I think people would trust businessmen or politicians who look confident and capable from the very beginning. But in normal life I think it’s difficult to judge people from your first impression of them. It’s better to get to know them little by little instead of thinking you know from the very beginning.