Day 3: Mountain God’s….Squirrel

I thought it would be difficult to understand today’s story because when I translated the title to English, Google gave me: the mountain god’s the squirrel.

But while I was reading I discovered that there were many words I know like しか, しろい and むすこ so I could guess the story by connecting the words I know.

After I read half I was sure that there were no squirrels in the story so I tried translating the title again and Google gave me: “the goddess of the mountain god“. This title made more sense than the first one, but after reading the whole story I think the translation is still wrong.

From what I could understand, I think the story is about a young man who went to the mountains with his lunch box, which was eaten by a deer because it contained radish. Then he talked to someone about something (I couldn’t understand because the Japanese was difficult), and then he went home and there was a beautiful woman.

I don’t know if I’m right, but I liked this story more than the story yesterday because at least I could imagine what was happening.