Most Common English Words (no. 6)

Last time I gave a hint about today’s word: it’s composed of only one letter. If you think it’s “a“, then you’re right!

A“, just like “the”, is used before a noun. It is used with a singular, countable noun that doesn’t refer to a specific person, thing, etc. and that has not been mentioned before.

  • My neighbor has a dog.
  • I will buy a book today. The book is very popular in Japan. (Use “a” the first time something is mentioned. Use “the” the next time.)

But “a” can also be used with plural nouns and a number to mean “one”.

  • I have a hundred shoes.
  • She paid with a thousand coins.

Unlike “the, there are not as many rules in using “a” but it is also an important word so remember to use it when it is needed in a sentence.