Day 24: Tomato

Today’s story was very short, and about a tomato or tomatoes. I’m not sure because I didn’t understand it. Although it’s short, it confused me from the beginning.

The first line is トマトつて, which is “tomato warp” according to Google. Tomato warp doesn’t make sense though so I translated just つて, and I got tomato towel, which also doesn’t make sense.

The title, however, is very timely for me because as a teacher I feel like a very ripe tomato that can break apart easily.

    timely – done or occurring at the right time

I’ve been confused and uncertain, and many times I feel like a failure. There are days when I feel like I’m not helping anyone, and it makes me feel really bad.

I read an article saying that many teachers feel like this, and that it’s a good thing because it means the teacher cares. I don’t think it’s enough though, so I have to keep learning and trying to be a better tomato – perfectly ripe, shiny, and worth people’s money.