Last week’s holidays, for me, were very, very relaxing. I didn’t do a lot of things in one day and I didn’t think of work at all. For the first time in a months, I didn’t wake up thinking about what time my first class starts and I didn’t have to plan for lessons or activities or anything.

It was great, but now the holidays are over and I think I’m having a holiday hangover. I’m excited and glad to talk to my students again; but returning to normal life after a great holiday isn’t easy, so I searched for ways to overcoming a holiday hangover online and I’m sharing it with everyone in this post.

  • FIRST, do nothing for a day, which I something I haven’t really done and I don’t think I’ll have time to do.

  • SECOND, unpack, which I already did on Friday. I guess it helped a little, but not really so I’m not sure if this really works.

  • THIRD, make your favorite dish from your holiday. This one is hard, I think, because the ingredients won’t be the same but it’s also a good idea and it sounds fun. I just might do it.

  • FOURTH, visit tourist attractions in your city. This one is another good advice, I think, and I’m lucky that I’m interested in history and Kyoto has a lot of historical places.

  • LAST, make plans with friends and family. If I was in the Philippines, I would have already made plans with my siblings and talked to them about my hangover, which would have helped, I think. I don’t have family here, but I have met few friends and it has helped, so I think this one is a great advice.