In one of my classes today, I and my student talked about parenting and, of course, one of the things we talked about was parents who tell their children to study hard. My student told me that when he was young he didn’t like when his parents kept telling him to study hard; but when I asked him if he does the same thing with his child, he said yes. 😂

I cannot comment on anyone’s parenting style because I don’t know anything about it, but my student’s answer made me wonder whether continuously telling a child to study hard works.

I’m trying to remember whether my parents told me to study hard, but I honestly cannot. Nor can I remember my friends complaining that their parents told them to study. If I remember correctly, it was usually about our teachers and the homework they gave us that I and my friends complained about.

But, as I told my student today, I guess I just got lucky because I’m the fourth child, which (I think) means that my parents had enough experience to know how they would deal with me based on how they dealt with my older siblings.