Netflix Recommendations III

Like I said in my first blog post this week, when I was sick I spent my time at home resting and watching Netflix instead of working. There was one show I watched that time because it was light and it made me feel good and it’s on this list. This list is includes shows on Netflix that I recommend to watch for fun. They’re not as easy as the shows in the other two lists, but I enjoyed them and you might too.

    1. Queer Eye
    This show is about five gay guys who give straight men (and their house) a makeover. I think “five gay guys” is already interesting enough, but “five gay guys who give straight men a makeover”?? That’s pure fun. I really enjoyed the show, but it also reminded me how life can be difficult for gays and how terrible I think that is.

    2. Downton Abbey
    I think this is the first historical drama I have watched and it made me like historical dramas, so this is one of my favorite shows and one that I always recommend. It also gave me some idea about how nobles and servants in Britain lived during the early 1900s, which was very interesting and educational. The story was good too, of course, and the main male lead is handsome, which is always a good thing. 😁😁😁

    3. Stranger Things
    I thought about recommending another historical drama set in Britain that I like, but I wanted to recommend different kinds of shows so this last one is for those who like horror and science fiction. This show starts very slowly so I didn’t really enjoy it at the beginning but it gets very exciting after one or two episodes and I really liked it so I recommend it!