Day 4: A Wallet with Gold Coins

I didn’t understand today’s story too because there were so many words I didn’t know, but I think it’s the funniest story because the translations from Google were so funny.

For example, this phrase: くいしんぼうのおんどりは
…was translated to: “The meat of the nephew is

It sounded like a horror story but I didn’t think the story is supposed to be scary, so I tried again using a kanji character: 食いしんぼうのおんどりは

Google translated to: “The rooster of the meat is”

That translation was much better because I knew the story was about a rooster, but it was still strange.

The next phrase’s translation was funnier. When I typed only hiragana characters: おひゃくしょうのおかみさんのさしだしたむぎつぶよおかしと, Google translated it to: “With the odds of the squirrel who broke out“.

I thought it was very funny because the story I read yesterday had a squirrel too. When I changed some of the characters into kanji (お百しょうのおかみさんのさしだした麦つぶよおかしと), Google changed the translation to: “With the hundred of farmers’ wheatbred wheat strawberries“.

Wheatbred wheat strawberries? I don’t know what that means but I think it was very funny, and the funny translations made me enjoy this story even if I didn’t understand it at all.