Long Time Ago…

During the weekend, while I was deleting some files from my drive, I found some essays and papers that I wrote in my last year in university when I was around 19.

    drive – a device in a computer that can read information

One was a reflection paper about how I think I deal with conflict, which was the topic of our professor’s lecture that week. This is the first paragraph of that paper:

    reflection paper – a paper of a person’s thoughts about something

Here’s the scene: There are 16 students in a classroom and they are divided into five groups depending on how they deal with conflicts. The groups are sharing stories and working out on how they will present their styles in class. I belong in one group. However, unlike the others, there is no brainstorming or conversation in ours. Why? Because I’m the only member.

When I find things I wrote in the past, I sometimes get embarrassed but I like findings them because they show me my emotions, my ideas and writing skill at that time, which helps me decide if I have changed or grown or improved.