Awards! (Part 1)

It is the last week of lessons for Inari-juku, which means it is time for “awards.”

For some years in the past, I gave online “awards” to students who did exceptionally well. Last year I couldn’t (or didn’t? 😆) do it, but this time I’m giving out “awards” again to congratulate the students who did very well this year.

The first is called Diarist.

In the past, this award went to students who wrote in their diary every week. It’s not easy to do that when you have nothing to write or have no time to do it, so my students who did that did very well.

But this time, this award goes to the students who wrote every week and learned from their mistakes. Just writing every week is really great, but learning from your mistakes is the best way to improve; so this is for the students how have done that. 💯