Guest Post 2

For the blog today, I have another guest post. The writer is a student I’ve had for at least 2 years. I don’t know if she knows it, but I think she has gotten so much better at speaking since her first lesson. When we have a discussion in class, she usually expresses her thoughts without much difficulty and it makes me so proud. I also have other students who’ve said that they would want to speak like her in the future.

She’s amazing, but God is fair so she usually doesn’t get good scores in the listening activity (when we listen to songs) and, as you will read below, I usually tease her about it. 😂 😂

“Hello! I’m Asa. I’m sixteen years old. I have taken [Carmelia’s] class for two years. The reason why I joined the class is to be able to speak and listen [to] English. In particular, I’m not good at listening.

Every class, [we] listen to [a song] or news. Carmelia also recommended that [I do] these things [at home to improve] my listening skill. I listen to English songs every day.

I laugh during the class because Carmelia always kids me. 😂 The class is only fifty minutes long, but I can enjoy learning English very much!!”