2018 English Convo Awards

Since January this year, my students have been redoing some of the listening activities they’ve done last year to see if their score would change or be better, which doesn’t always mean they have or have not gotten better.

    redo – to do again

So the next award is for the student who has gotten a much higher score than her previous scores in almost all of the listening activities.

Giant Step

I call it the Giant Step Award, and it goes to Hideko-san, who’s scores this time are much higher than most of her scores last year. I think one of the reasons is because she has learned to enjoy listening to English songs and even makes her own CDs so she can listen in her car when she’s driving.

    giant step – important progress that has been made

I think impressive when students find their own way to practice or expose themselves to English outside of their class, and it’s great when they or I see the results.