Good Job!

Today is the last day of the first term so I would like to use this blog post to say to my students: good job!

Good job for coming to class even when you didn’t feel like it or you’re not really interested in English. Good job for participating in the activities even when you were tired or hungry or just lazy. Good job for doing your homework even when you already had so much homework to do.

Learning another language takes a lot of time and practice and, when you practice for only a few hours in a week, it’s not easy to notice improvements. It’s less easy to keep doing something when you don’t notice the improvements or when you notice only very small improvements.

If you are my student and you think that you still have a long way to go before you can be really good at English, I think so too. But if you also think that you have not improved at all, I have to disagree. If you’ve ever tried to speak English even when you weren’t confident or you don’t know many words and if you’ve ever spoken more than you ever thought you would in class, then you have improved and you’ve done a good job.