Moving Diaries, Two Months Later

Two months ago on this day I moved into my current apartment. It was busy, exciting, and unexpectedly stressful. 😓

Before that time, I rented apartments under Inari-san’s name, so he handled the contracts and bills, but we both decided that this time I would rent under my name.

And so I had to sign a contract, complete application forms, and apply for electricity and gas – all in Japanese. The language barrier was overwhelming and the bureaucracy vexing.

I had no idea that moving into an apartment could be so complicated. 😆

It’s much simpler back home, so I was stressed with all the things I had to do and think about…and pay. 😂😂

That said, the move went well and everyday I wake up happy and satisfied. 😁

My brain was too busy to think of anything to write since I decided to move, but life has settled down, so for the next couple of weeks I think I should be able to write all about the move. 🏡