Songs for the Spring Holiday

Today is the last day of the school year for Inari-juku, and the next school year will begin three weeks later, which means my students won’t have that weekly hour when they can use English practically.

So I decided to help them with that small problem through this blog post. 😉


* * * * *

The songs you will listen to are from the top songs in my personal playlist last year. This means that I listened to them because I like them and didn’t choose them because they’re easy to listen to. 😃😃

From the screenshot at the bottom of this post, however, you will see a rating that I gave the songs based on how difficult I think they are (⚫⚪⚪ = easy, ⚫⚫⚫ = difficult).

Have fun! 😃


(NOTE: You will find the link to the song and the answers inside the file and you can type your answers)
(NOTE: The previous files were deleted, so I uploaded new files. You can still type your answers, but you will have to check your answers yourself by clicking on the link to the lyrics of the song at the bottom of each file. 🙏)

01: Eyes Off You
02: Ever Really Know
03: Safe with Me
04: Love to Lose
05: You
06: Let’s Go Home Together
07: Therapy
08: What Other People Say
09: Used to
10: Hope Is A Heartache