AWARDS 2023, Part II

At the beginning of the school year, I sometimes give grammar lessons to remind my students important grammar rules. A lesson on verb tenses is one I usually give, and for the present perfect (現在完了), I sometimes quiz my students on the past participle (過去分詞). One time, during my classes with my high school students, I asked them to give me the past participle (p.p.) of the verb I would say aloud.



Me: What’s the p.p. of eat?

Student 1: Eaten.

Me: Come?

Student 2: Come.

Me: Choose?

Student 3: Chosen.

Me: Know?

Student 4: (looked unsure and didn’t say anything for a moment then…) Kneeewww?


That was the first time a student thought that extending the last sound of the word would make it a different word. 😂 It was so cute and creative that I couldn’t help but laugh.