First Week Dreams

Last week was the first week of lessons this year.

Before, I used to worry for my students after a long holiday because I was afraid they would have a hard time speaking English again after a long break. Last week though, for some reason, I believed that they would do well with the lessons I prepared, and I was right!

None of my students had a hard time talking to me about their holiday, and it didn’t feel like they had a long break from speaking English at all. 💯

It made me very glad, but apparently I was not the only one who was worried.

One of my adult students said she was so worried she would not be able to speak well that she had a dream that she was in class and kept stuttering. 😂

I think she was the only one who had a bad dream like that, but one of my younger students also had a dream related to her English lesson.

In her dream, she saw one of her classmates chasing her down the stairs while laughing. 😂

She said it was a bad dream and scary, but I don’t know if I should be glad that they’ve become such good friends that she now dreams of her classmate. 😆😆

2022 has come, but already two weeks has passed and the school year will end next month.

Time is going by so fast and it’s scary, so I’ll keep trying to make my lessons worthwhile.