24 Hours Later

Yesterday I got my second COVID-19 vaccine shot, so I am now officially a relatively safe person to be around. 😆😆

When I got my first shot, the only side effect I had was a pain in my arm; but many told me that the side effects from the second shot are much worse, so I prepared myself.

On Friday last week I cleaned my apartment so I didn’t have to clean it yesterday. On Saturday I prepared food so I wouldn’t have to cook today. Yesterday, before my shot, I looked for a recipe for miso soup to eat when I’d feel terrible and I bought medicine for fever.

I don’t like taking medicine, but the last time I had a fever was 8 years ago, so I was worried and I bought medicine just in case.

I did so much to prepare myself that I was so proud and satisfied with my actions. 😂

Last night, after getting into bed and I lay on my left side, I felt pain in the area where I got the shot.

It was the first side effect and it made me nervous. I prepared myself for worse side effects to come.

When I woke up this morning, I was fine. 😄🌞

My temperature was 36.5 degrees. I don’t have a headache, I don’t feel tired, and my muscles are fine.

I am fine! 💪

Lucky me!! 🍀

I heard that younger people have more severe side effects than older people, but (to my young students who keep asking my age) I promise you that I am still young. 😂😂

I’m really happy that I feel okay, but I decided to give my body a rest today anyway. 😌

I hope I’ll continue to feel fine!