Most Common English Words (no. 15)

I was busy last Saturday so I forgot to write about the 15th word on the list of the Most Common English words. The 15th word is “with“. It is a preposition that has many usages like “on”. First, it means “together”.

  • Mom is in the kitchen with Dad.
  • I like to eat bread with butter.

It also means “using” (something).

  • I entered USJ with my annual pass.
  • We caught the crabs with a large net.

With” also means “having” (someone or something).

  • He is married with three children.
  • Starbucks is a coffee company with shops in many countries around the world.

It also used to talk about something related to a person or thing.

  • This movie is popular with teenage girls.
  • He’s very careful with his money.

Finally, “with” can also mean “because of”.

  • He was shaking with fear.
  • She’s at home with a bad cold.