Tour Guide Again

I asked my Japanese teacher to cancel our lesson today because two friends are in Japan, and I thought I would be touring them now. But they’re going to Tokyo today so I actually don’t have to tour them around. We went to Nara yesterday because they wanted to see the deer there.

The one of the two who likes nature enjoyed the park and Wakakusayama. The other (a city girl) didn’t really enjoying walking around the park or climbing the hill, but she liked interacting with the deer and the view from the top of the hill.

I think what they liked best was Todaiji Temple. They were impressed by the huge Buddha and also the huge building where the statue is kept. They also got their first omikuji there, and it was interesting because one of them got the best and the other got the worst.

The one who got the worst said it was because he doesn’t need luck and maybe he’s right because it’s his first trip outside of the Philippines and I think he is having a great time.