The Case of the Missing Blog Post

    case – a situation that needs investigation or action

Two days ago, on September 26, I wrote a blog post entitled “Wee Tired” at around 11 am. The next day at September 27, around 6 pm, I found out it disappeared.

I was surprised and I thought I imagined or dreamed writing it, but today, September 28, a witness (thank you, Konishi-san!) told me that she had read my post and I didn’t dream it.

So now there is a big question: where did the post go?

Since I and some of my students like detective stories, and I thought it would be fun, I have decided to conduct an investigation.

    investigation – the act of examining a crime, problem, etc. to find out the truth

First, I had to find the post.

Where was it?

There was only one place I could think of: the trash can.

And I was right! 😮

It was there! 😂 😂 😂


I think it was deleted on the same day that I wrote it, but the trash can doesn’t show the time, so I cannot guess how or why it happened. Will I ever find an answer?

Read again tomorrow to find out.