D-Day: a day when something important will happen

Inari-juku went online today. I had a problem with the computer I was supposed to use and then the wifi connection and then Zoom, so my evening started with a big failure. The only good thing that happened at that time was that I was able to use the terrible experience to give Matsutani-san a bit of comfort. 😅

Fortunately, I didn’t experience technical problems in my other classes and half of my students today thought having their lesson online wasn’t bad or difficult. It was a relief, but I still feel a bit bad for my students because the way we interact is not the same online even though we can see and hear each other. The silence while a student is thinking of his or her response is also much more noticeable online.

Still, there’s nothing I can really do but to adjust and to give lessons that are useful and engaging. I survived day 1 and I’ll keep doing my best! 💪

In the meantime, please be patient indoors and take care! 🍎