Target Audience?

Inari-san, Matsutani-san and I had a meeting yesterday. Inari-san had suggestions, and I agreed that the Saturday free conversation time was a good idea because maybe some students (who aren’t my students) want to try speaking in English.

However, Inari-san had one idea that confused me. He wanted me to write detailed articles or essays for the students to read and, when I told him why I didn’t think it was good idea, he told me that he is interested in it.

It confused me because I thought our target audience is the students; and when we do things based on what we like instead of what the students might like and learn from, then our target audience isn’t the students.

    target audience – the group of people who might be interested in a product or service

I know Inari-san has been teaching long than I have, and I have still a lot to learn as a teacher; but when I decided to come to Japan to teach English, I also decided to put my students first. That is what I have been trying to do and what I want to keep doing.