Yesterday, I met the last three students from Matsutani-san’s prep class and I am happy to report to anyone interested that, so far, it’s going good.

All of them can’t really speak to me yet, and the lack of a shared language is a big challenge for me and them; but I think I see willingness, and that is all I need at the beginning. I think if students are willing to learn, they make extra effort during class and even at home, which will then naturally help them improve.

Although most of them can’t spell more than three-letter words correctly, don’t know a lot of English words, and can’t really construct a grammatically-correct sentence, it’s fine. I think they’re all willing to learn and that is more than enough for now.

Hopefully, they’ll get better, but I will not make promises. I cannot say how quickly or how greatly they will improve because it depends on each and every student how fast and how much they will get better. But I will promise that I’m not going to waste their willingness and I’m going to do my best to keep them interested, motivated, and growing.