(Christmas) Lunch!

Yesterday I had lunch with all of my female adult students at a restaurant in Katsura. My original plan was for all of us to just have lunch; but one of them suggested exchanging Christmas gifts and we all thought it was a good idea, so it was also like a Christmas party.

We exchanged gifts following what is usually done here, which is different from how we do it in the Philippines, and it made me excited and nervous because I was curious about what everyone else bought but worried that the person who’d get my gift wouldn’t like what I got.

I cannot say how everyone felt about their gift, but I liked what I got and I would have been happy if I got any of the other gifts too. The food and the staff and the atmosphere of the restaurant were great too. But I think, and as one of my students said in her message to me after the lunch, the most important thing is that everyone’s nice so everyone could have a good time. I know I did.