2018 English Convo Awards

The last but still important award is an award for speaking English. It is the Speak Out Award and it goes to all my students. That’s right! If you’re my student, this goes to you, you, you, and you!

    speak out – to say in public what you think about something

Speak Out

Learning a second language takes a lot of patience and practice and time. It isn’t easy and not always fun and interesting, so everything you do like reading a book at home or listening to English songs in your free time is useful and deserves credit.

    useful – helping you to do or achieve something
    credit – praise

If you’ve tried to explain something in English even when it’s difficult, answer my “why” and “how” questions even when it’s troublesome, participate in the activities and games, and even just came to class, this award is for you.

Congratulations for making an effort to speaking in English, and I cannot wait to hear you speak even more in the future!