I have caught a cold. Yesterday it was just a cough but now my nose is running and my voice sounds very sexy (the only good thing about having a cold) because of my swollen vocal cords.

I thought about going to see a doctor to get medicine like some people in Japan do (at least from what I gathered from conversations with people) but I don’t like taking medicine unless I really need to. I grew up fighting colds and the flu with simply my immune system, sleep, soup and lots of calamondin or kalamansi in Filipino.

That said, I do know that I interact with quite a number of people in a day because of my job, so I will be very careful to prevent the virus in my body from spreading. I will, of course, wear a mask at work and wash my hands before every lesson, but still I’d like to ask my students to please also wash your hands after your lesson with me. You can wash at the sink right outside the toilets in the cram school. I won’t feel bad if you do that and I highly, highly recommend that you do.