Two Days Ago

I’m still writing this on May 2 and right now I’m doing my laundry because I have a lot of laundry to do so I decided to start doing it today and then do the others on May 4. The name of the detergent I’m using is Happy Elephant. It’s a cute name but I think it’s funny. I don’t know why the name of a soap is Happy Elephant. The name of the detergent I used before is Arau. I don’t know if it should be funny or not because I guess it’s not an English word so I can’t imagine anything when I see it except the letters that make it up.

One quote about names that I remember is, “Names have power” from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I still haven’t decided if I agree with that or not as I don’t think I have any experience that can help me decide, but I think names are important in marketing. Happy Elephant, for example, is easy for me to remember because I can imagine a happy elephant when I say it and it is made up of two English words whereas I will need some time to remember “Arau” because it doesn’t mean anything to me. So maybe when I go to the supermarket next time I might buy Happy Elephant because I can remember it easily. But maybe I won’t because I know now that Happy Elephant doesn’t have a nice smell and I prefer to use detergents that smell nice.