Most Common English Words (no. 20)

At” is the 20th most common English word. Just like many prepositions, it has many uses. First, it used when talking about an exact position or particular place:

  • The student is at his desk.
  • I will meet you at the door.

When it comes to time, “at” is used to talk about an exact or a particular time:

  • I go to be at 12:00.
  • I will go to the canteen at lunchtime.

At” is also used to mean “in the direction of”:

  • I looked at the lion in the cage.
  • The woman smiled at the man.

At” is used to show the cause of something, especially a feeling:

  • I laughed at his jokes.
  • His boss was disappointed at his decision.

Finally, “at” is used to talk about an activity in which someone’s ability is judged:

  • He’s very good at basketball.
  • I’m bad at remembering birthdays.