Wee Tired

I’m back from my trip to Australia and the Philippines. It was very busy because I went to a wedding in both countries, but I had a lot of fun.

In Australia I stayed with a friend and her family. They are Australians but originally from Ireland. My friend’s aunt and uncle, grandparents, and friend were also staying in her house.

They’re all Irish and I spoke to them every day for 5 days. By the third day, I was already using words and expressions that they use a lot, like “wee”, “that’s lovely”, “I suppose” and “might as well”. I don’t use these often, but because I kept hearing them I started to use them too.

    wee (wee) – very small

This is what happens when someone goes to the US or Canada to study English, I think. They get better because they hear English a lot and they copy what they hear. They also have no choice but to use the language because they’re in a country where English is used.

But I have also met people who can speak English well even though they have never left Japan. I have a Polish friend who knows and is able to use a lot of idioms and expressions, and I have met many Japanese who can speak English well; and they have all learned to speak English watching a lot of movies and TV dramas and copying the actors.

Going to another country to learn to speak a language is great, but it isn’t the only way.