My Opinion on My Students

My students this time are already quite good in English and maybe motivated and interested, which, I think, are the most important when learning a language and to improve. As usual, I have a mixture of shy, calm, unconfident, curious, loud, quiet, and (secretly) crazy students, and I like it because, as they say in English, variety is the spice of life.

I have new students and old students (who are usually noisier and crazier). I have junior high students and an 88-year-old student! I have three students who live in a temple and two of them are in the same class, and we were all surprised when we realized it.

My students who go to school belong to different school clubs: brass band, basketball, sencha, animal (I didn’t know there was an animal club), chorus, tennis, dance, kendo, science, school council, and badminton. My students who are adults do different things and last week we agreed that mothers get less sleep than fathers. I also agreed with the mothers that they are very busy and they do a lot of things at home.

I learned some things about my students in the past month and I think I’m going to learn more about them in the future, especially when they become even better at expressing themselves.
P.S. If you’re my student and you’re reading this, hi!
P.P.S. If you’re my student and you’re reading this, please go to this webpage, and read and memorize the haiku about birds singing. It’s extra homework this week and you have to recite it in your next class.