Second Japanese Lesson: Homework and Textbook

I’m very happy to be a student again so when my Japanese teacher gave me writing homework last week I was excited to do it and to practice. I didn’t think about my schedule or if I would have time for it until Monday evening when I remembered that I didn’t finish my homework and I will have a lesson the next day. Of course, I had to rush it. I woke up earlier than usual yesterday and I was able to finish it on time. I got lucky but I have homework this week too. I hope I can finish it by Sunday and get another flower from my teacher.

During my lesson yesterday I brought my textbook (my teacher asked me to buy it last week) and I was happy to use it during class. I read a few pages and I’m happy to say that I know more Katakana now than last week. There were a lot of new words though so I have to memorize the important ones like かさ, かぎ, and きょうし . Reading is difficult and I have to keep telling myself to remember the new words I learned, but I’m excited to learn more and I can’t wait for the next lesson.