I’ve been thinking of what to write next since the last time I wrote in this blog, but nothing comes to my mind and I’m feeling pressured to write something so I thought I would write about a folk tale in the Philippines. It is a story of how the pineapple came to be.

Once upon a time, there was a widow named Aling Rosa who had one daughter named Pinang. Aling Rosa wanted to teach her daughter household chores, but Pinang was a lazy girl who didn’t really want to help around the house.

One day, Aling Rosa got sick and had to stay in bed so she asked Pinang to cook food. But Pinang was so lazy to do it so she asked her mother where she would find the pot, the rice, the ladle, and everything else she needed to cook rice.

At first, Aling Rosa told her daughter the exact places she would find the things she was looking for, but finally she got angry and said, “I hope you had many eyes so you can find the things you need and stop asking me.”

Pinya stopped asking because her mother got mad so she went out to get water, but she didn’t return. For days, Aling Rosa looked for her but couldn’t find her.

After some time, Aling Rosa found a plant she had never seen before outside her house. When it grew, it had a fruit with the shape of a human head and many eyes. When she saw the fruit, she remembered what she said to her daughter and she knew that Pinang had turned into the plant. Because of that, she named the plant pinya, which is the name of pineapple in the Philippines.