My head is usually busy with ideas. Most of the time I keep thinking about what to teach my students in this class, and that class and this and that and this and that and that too. I also think about what material to give my students to listen to at home.

I also have to come up with ideas quickly during my conversations with my students or when I get asked advice about what should be done to improve a skill.

I also have to come up with ideas for my own use. I think about what to do in order to improve my Japanese, to remember the kanji characters I’ve learned, and other things.

I don’t mind ideas in my head because I like planning for my classes and discovering what can help my students improve.

But I don’t have space for other ideas and coming up with something to write is a very hard task, so I decided to get ideas from the internet.

I found this picture of a wood that was turned into a pencil holder, this picture that shows plastic bottles turned into a flower vase, and this picture that shows glass bottles used as picture frames.