Guest Post 1

In my post yesterday I said that I had something prepared for this blog, but today’s post is actually not something I have written.

What you will read below was written by a student and I would like to call it a “guest post” instead of . The post isn’t long and he didn’t include his name (it is a three-letter name that starts with “J” and ends with “n” 😂 😂), but I guess it should give anyone who will read it an idea about the students who take my lessons:

“I’m in the basketball club. I’m not in [the] varsity, so I don’t get much chance to play in games, but when I get a chance to play, I put in everything I have and contribute to the team.

My school finished in the top 16. The result was not so good, but [we didn’t have] regrets. I scored not many points. I want to be a good player [in senior] high school.”