Most Common English Words (no. 14)

On” is the next word and, like I said in the previous post, it is a preposition with many usages. It can also be used as an adjective and I will write about how to use it that way at the end of this post. But first: “on“, as a preposition, is used to talk about the location of a place, thing, or person.

  • Their house is on Green Street.
  • The cheesecake recipe is on page 6.
  • The students are on the second floor.

It is also used to talk about when something happens. “On” is used for days and dates.

  • I will go to Tokyo on Sunday.
  • Christmas is on December 25.

On” is also used to show what tool, instrument, etc., is used to do something.

  • I am typing this post on my computer.
  • I can’t talk to my sister because she’s on the telephone.

On” can also mean “about”.

  • Last night, I saw a documentary on homeless people.
  • Books on magic are my favorite.

Finally, it is means “having or carrying” something with you.

  • She didn’t have money on her so I paid.
  • I don’t have my license on me so I can’t drive.

As an adjective, “on” means “happening” or “planned”.

  • I have nothing on for tomorrow.
  • The party is still on. Are you coming?

The next word on the list is another preposition. It also has a lot of usages but it cannot be used as an adjective. It’s a four letter word and I used it in this post. Can you guess what it is?