Tour Guid-ing

Some years ago, my father said that the only reason he would come to Japan was if I was going to introduce a man. 😆

I told him that it would probably never happen then. 😂

But I decided last year that I would stay in Japan until Marcos isn’t president anymore, and I thought that it was time for him to visit, especially since Japan has been my home for 9 years now!

So last week he came to Japan and on Thursday he returned to the Philippines. My plan was to show him the places and feed him the food that I like, and so I took him to Arashiyama and Kiyomizudera and Sanjusangendo and Ohara. I fed him ramen and okonomiyaki, but also brought his breakfast from my favorite bakeries and took him to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

The good news is he didn’t dislike anything and really liked almost everything. In fact, he was so awed and I think he really enjoyed visiting.

The bad news is it was really tiring. 😆😆 It felt like I was a 24/7 tour guide! 😂😂😂

Still, I really appreciated how my father did and ate everything I told him to, especially because many was a first-time experience for him. 🌟 I also learned a lot about myself as a daughter, and I was reminded of the things I love about Japan that I have forgotten because I’ve been living here for so long now.

I don’t think I can tour him again the same way I did. 😆 But I’m really glad that I got to show the things I love in Japan to one of the people I love and care about. ♡😊