In the last ten days, three new faces were added to my list of students so I thought I would use the blog post to give a report on how they’re doing and how the students in my last report are doing as well. Basically, all is well.

I’ve only had two lessons with the three new students, so it’s still a little early for me to decide if they’re in a class that fits their level; but I think they’re in classes that are good for them. Those in the group classes are interacting well with their classmates, who are doing such a good job making them feel welcome (I have the best students in the world) and the one in the private lesson is interacting with me well.

As for the 1st year junior high school students from Matsutani-san’s class, they’re doing good. Their performance in class is affected by how motivated they are and how much they studied at home, so some of them perform better than others during class; but all of them are participating in the activities and communicating with me and each other even when they’re tired or hungry or sleepy (I have the best students in the world).

Most of the new students have some ways to go before they can confidently say that they can speak English, but I think they’re got the right attitude to learn. So even if the destination is quite far, they are on the right track and I think they can keep growing with hard work on their part and support on the part of the people around them.