Philippines in February II

When I went back home, I stayed overnight in Manila because the trip from the airport to my hometown takes 5-6 hours, so the first people I saw were my friends from university who lived in or near Manila.

One of my roommates in my dormitory in the university picked me up from the airport.

When we first met, we were 16 years old, and we could stay up all night talking about anything. Now we’re old, so we both look a nap before meeting our other friends at 6 pm. 😂


The next day I took the bus to my hometown, and one of the first things I did was pick my niece up from school.

In December 2022, when I saw my niece after the pandemic, she was a bit shy and quiet around me. This time she ran to me when she saw me and gave me a big hug.

It was so sweet, and it made me so happy, so when she asked me to take her to the park, I did. 😆


I was happy that my niece was happy to spend time with me, and we had fun in the park, but it was really tiring to run around with an 11-year-old girl for an hour and a half. 😅

I really have gotten old. 😆

I met up with many other people while I was back home, but it will take a long, long, long time to write about all of them because I have a very big family, so I made a list instead. 😆

    Dad – 1
    Sister – 4
    Brother – 1
    Grandparents – 2
    Aunts – 7
    Uncles – 6
    Cousins – 9
    Niece – 1
    Nephew – 2
    Friends – 7
    Godchild- 1
    Former boss – 1 😆

Having a big family is fun, but I always have to go see so many people when I go back to the Philippines that I can’t get enough rest. 😆