An Introduction, Part I

The 2021-2022 school year has started and I thought I should be a good employee and write a blog post on the first day of school. 😄 Since it is the first day and I will have new students, I decided I should start with an introduction.

I’m not good at introducing myself though, so I decided I would post what my students before wrote when they practiced writing a letter of complaint. For the exercise, I told my students to write to Inari-juku to complain about me because I thought it would be easy to write about and I was also interested in knowing what they would complain about. 😆

Of course, none of their complaints are true. 😆

Please do not believe them. 😆

    Letter 1:

    Dear Sir,

    On behalf of the students of (the) English conversation class, I would like to make a complaint about (our) teacher, Carmelia.

    First, she loves kidding us. She always kids us so I sometimes (get confused and I don’t know if what she’s saying is) true or false.

    Second, she (concentrates on winning games) and enjoys (giving) shobatsu. She is (an) adult but against us she tries to win.

Again, the complaints are not true. 😇

I am simply a hardworking person who wants to teach my students to be hardworking by doing my best to win…against them. 💪💪💪😂