CLOSED and other news

Life has happened to Inari-juku, so the school is closed this week.

Please be careful not to waste your time going there. 😊


In other – happier – news, the results of the JLPT July exam is out!

And I passed! 🌟

I took the easiest test, so I shouldn’t be so happy, but I am. XD


As I expected, I lost a lot of points in the Language Knowledge part, but I’m surprised that my I did perfectly on the Listening part. Woo! 🙌🙌🙌

But, then again, I tell my students that their listening skill improves faster than the others because they get used to listening to English. Maybe it’s the same for me? 😏😆

The next plan was to take the N4 in December, but I’ve been so busy preparing for my move that I haven’t been reviewing this month. 😓

I wonder if I should still go for it…