English Conversation Classes

I sometimes think that I’m doing the right thing when it comes to my job and tasks, but I get confused and distracted by suggestions that make me feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. Luckily, I have friends, who are also English teachers, and my old and new students who help me see what I’m doing right and wrong without confusing me.

Recently, it was my students’ mothers who helped me realize something and, as thank you, I’m going to write about what usually happens in my classes. It was a suggestion and I think it’s a great one so thank you!

As an English conversation teacher, my goal is to help my students get better at conversing in English, which means that I try to use most of the lesson time for activities that give my students chances to speak in English.

Depending on my students’ level, we might play games or answer conversation questions or simply discuss different topics. There are times when we study a particular grammar rule and I try to make sure students learn new words in class, but my goal at the beginning is for my students to be comfortable with me and the English language. If they already are, the lesson will depend on their goals so the lesson can be different for each class.

Each class might be different from the rest, but they’re all similar because the end goal is basically the same, and that is to help my students be more confident and able to express themselves in English.