A picture is worth a thousand words

Sometime ago, Inari-san informed me that the juku now has Instagram and Twitter accounts, and he asked if he could take my picture to upload to the juku’s Instagram. My answer was a clear “no” through my facial expression and a more indirect “no” with words. 😅😅

I still can’t understand how uploading a picture of me in this blog or anywhere else can help get students. 😅 Maybe I’m just stubborn and maybe one day I will see that it is effective, but I don’t yet, so I’ve decided to do something else instead.

If a picture can help interested students decide whether to take my lesson or not, the best picture for them to see is something from my students now. 😆

About a year ago, I had two students in the same class who said that they were both good at drawing, so I asked them to draw a cat to show me their skill. They said they needed a cat in order to draw it. Since I didn’t have a cat, I told them to draw me instead, and here are what they drew:



Drawing 1


Drawing 2

The first one was being very kind. She tried to draw me better, I think. 😆😆 The second one isn’t bad, but I’m pretty sure I have more eyebrows than one.


There you go. 😁 They’re not the prettiest pictures, but it should give an idea about what I seem like to my students, and I don’t think I seem so bad. 😆😆