Choosing Non-Fiction

Yesterday I, Inari-san, and Matsutani-san went out for lunch and then bought books for Inari-juku. This time I decided to choose more non-fiction because some students prefer them and they read quite fast.

When I was choosing books I realized how difficult it is to choose non-fiction. I think it’s because I don’t read much non-fiction (only about 6% of the books I’ve ever read is non-fiction), but also because there are many kinds of non-fiction.

There are biographies, autobiographies, diaries, memoirs, philosophical books, self-help, etc., and I had a feeling that people who like biographies might not like self-help and vice versa.

In the end I chose a book depending on whether I thought it would be interesting or not, so I’m not sure if my students will like my choices. Whether they do or not, I hope the books achieve their purpose, which is to help students get better at reading and maybe learn something new.