JLPT Result

One day when I was younger, I remember talking to my dad about a test I took in school. He asked me how I felt about the test, and I said it was difficult.

He said, “If it was difficult, you didn’t study enough.”


It may sound strict, but even at that age I thought what it made sense. I liked the idea that I couldn’t do it NOT because the test was too difficult for me, but because I simply didn’t study enough. It meant that with the right amount and kind of effort, any test could be easy.

So, when I was taking the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N4 last December and I encountered some difficult questions in the Reading and Listening sections, I already assumed I would fail. 😆

But when I checked the results last week, I found out that I passed! My score was 105/180 so I’m not sure why I passed, but I’m glad I did.

However, as an English conversation teacher, I know that a passing score in a language test doesn’t mean I can actually use the language to communicate. (I still can’t.) Japanese is still so hard for me, but, as my dad said a long time, all I need is to put in more effort.

And I think I really should…😆