I have talked about the coronavirus (as many people in this pandemic probably have too) with students. One of the things that I have heard them say is how they don’t personally know anyone infected by the coronavirus.

That was true for me, too.

Until January when a friend in the US tested positive. Luckily, she didn’t have terrible symptoms, she got better, and her children didn’t get it from her.

Then last week a cousin in the Philippines tested positive. Luckily, her symptoms are mild and she’s now recovering at home.

Then on Sunday my brother tested positive and it’s possible he got my father infected because my father has cold symptoms and can’t smell anything. Luckily, they’re both feeling well and their temperatures are normal.

The coronavirus feels very, very close now, but I and the people I love have been lucky. Very lucky.

I hope it continues and I hope this pandemic ends soon. Take care!